About me

Coming from a game art background I have found myself in the recent years involved in more technical and humanistic roles. I am currently working as a freelance game developer and artist for several clients while developing my own projects. I’ve worked as  VR/AR developer and 3D artist, have been working for three and five years in those fields respectively.

In the past year, not just I’ve been focusing on tech art, but on game development culture and advocacy. I work towards a more inclusive and diverse environments by organising montlhy meetups with FemDevs, where women from different cities in Spain meet once per month to talk, learn and discuss whatever they feel like. An open space for them to grow, feel welcomed and belonging.
I was one of BeMyHuman 2018 organizers, an event that celebrates experimental, social games that are put together for all to see that games can be anything.
On January 2018, I was selected by IGDA as Women in Games International Ambassador for GDC 2018 and one of my projects, Idearum, has made it to several international museums, like TCC Chicago and the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco.

I’ve spoken in different events about character design, 3D art, business sustainability and diversity.

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