Counting Sheep

“Counting Sheep is a stunning, dream-esque game inspired by the music of Shakey Graves in which you explore around a field, talking to sheep and hoping to go to sleep. These sheep have various thoughts – all of which would keep me up at night. You can interact with them and explore around – maybe even talk to their skeletal keeper who wants to know how you may be sleeping tonight.”
-Jupiter Hadley, RockPaperShotgun

I decided to make a game with some bits of Shakey Graves’ music, be it lyrics, colors or imagery from the albums. This walking simulator is what has come out.

I made the art and programmed with Blueprints in Unreal Engine. It was intended for Epic’s Summer Jam but didn’t make it for a couple of hours.

You can download it here.





Mosaics in Idearum

We wanted to tell a bit of a story through Idearum’s environments, so we used mosaics in walls. Each mosaic is telling a bit of the ancient history of Atlantis.



As you can see below, we’ve changed the location of those several times to make sure the player sees them.



Ambient and chill game where you’re a frog that delivers food to characters in the forest.

You can play it on here.



I did all the art in the game for the first Game Jam by Talentum, a Telefónica lab.

I wanted to work on blending palettes that would work accordingly with the cardinal directions, as you can see below. That slowed me down a bit, but I feel content of the final result.



In perspective, I would work a bit more on having animated elements in the background instead of so many props that don’t move. It would make it look more alive.


Down the rabbit hole

white rabbit, 2017


“We’re in the maze,
feeling the same,
sorry about this.”

Opposite Ways – The Dø



Idearum – Environments

I’ve spent two months in the woods with a lot of talented developers and some of the Tahutahu girls in the Swedish woods to work a lot on our game, Idearum:


The game is progressing bit by bit, that’s how things are now:


Purity Godess
Accuracy God

We already have a demo that we plan to show to whoever is interested.

If you’d like to know more about the project, check our social media and presskit.

Idearum – Symbols&Patterns

Here you can see some of the vector work I’ve done for Idearum, working on alpha textures, UI assets and symbols that conceptualise parts of the story of Idearum.


PatternsIdearum_Patterns copy 2PatternsIdearum2PatternsIdearum



We were asked at my master’s to make a Christmas scene to learn Vray. I did what I felt like doing and put a Christmas hat to make it festive.
Render with VRay:


Idearum into production!

So far I gathered a team. We are still deciding on how to call the group, but so far we’ve covered narrative and script, game design, art and the rest. We are currently discovering how to use Unreal Engine 4, but it is not so harsh as we could imagine.

This is the first screenshot ever of Idearum!

Hopefully, from now on you’ll have news of it every week.

Stay tuned!


Pokémon inks

Those are some of the pokémon fanarts I’ve been doing for inktobers and clients.
In those, I try to bring together pokémons, ukiyo-e and naturalism.

Idearum environments

Some of the environments for Idearum.



Also, here you have some 360 stuff!


Some sketches we used internally.


Eidos is the main character of Idearum, a project I’ve been redesigning since summer 2016.

Indoor environments

Weid and Chimaira

First time with after effects. Here is when I started to work on the redesign of Idearum, so hopefully you’ll see what happens with these two!


Vulnus and Episteme Sculpt

I started on working on Idearum in 2014, even thou I almost got rid of everything in terms of design, art and mechanics.

Idearum is a platformer-puzzle game where you are a soul that escaped from Limbo in order to enter Atlantis, the perfect civilisation

I started to use Zbrush with this project.